Outdoor weddings can provide a wide variety of entertainment opportunities, weather and venue space permitting. To keep guests entertained,  especially during cocktail hour, consider offering one or more lawn games to help guests mix and mingle with one another and create friendly competition. These games are also perfect for engagement parties, wedding showers and fling before the ring parties (we won’t tell if you turn them into drinking games).

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Team up and try your hand at this classic game where you take turns tossing a bean bag. Cornhole boards can be custom-designed, meaning you can paint one with your wedding colors, monogram, or special design. To cut costs, add a custom cornhole board to your wedding registry (and have whoever is planning your wedding shower encourage guests to get it then so it can be used on your wedding day).


wedding cornhole board
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Giant Jenga

Take this childhood favorite outdoors. Giant Jenga can be played one-on-one or in teams. Have multiple sets available to have guests compete and play each tower’s winner. Once the games are over, the Jenga game can double as a guestbook, with each guests writing their name, marriage advice, something they love about the couple, etc. on a Jenga piece, just make sure there’s one for each person.

wedding jenga lesbian wedding jenga
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Ladder ball

If you like a challenge, ladder ball is your game. Great for all ages, you and your team take turns tossing small ropes with a ball at each end toward a small ladder structure with the goal of twisting the balls around the rung to earn points. For an added competition, compete by table to see whose table gets dinner served to them first.

wedding ladder ball lawn games
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A picnic favorite, this game can incorporate several guests at once, bringing together families and different generations. Choose a color ball and take turns rolling it to see who get closest to the tiny white ball, called the pallina, out on the lawn.

wedding bocce
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Great for kids and kids at heart, hopscotch is a classic game that will entertain young guests, and give grown-up guests an excuse to kick off the heels they may be wearing.

Photo via Huffington Post
Photo via Huffington Post

Life-size chess and checkers 

Bring these classic board games outside, with life-size pieces. Team up with other guests and take turns being the one to make a move, or have a tournament between each side of the family to see who can become victorious. You never whose competitive side will come out and surprise everyone.

wedding lawn chess
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What are your favorite outdoor games? Share them with us below.