Weddings are a time for self-expression, and sharing not only your love for another, but your personality and passions. If you are a fan of the dark side or have an affinity for Wookies, plan a Star Wars wedding and share your love with your guests. May the force be with you as you plan your big day.


Let family and friends know right from the start that you are going to be welcoming them to a galaxy far, far away with your invitation or save-the-date.

plan a Star Wars wedding
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Decorate your wedding with Star Wars elements everywhere. From Darth Vader to R2D2, Chewbacca to Luke Skywalker, centerpieces are your canvas to showcase what you love.

Star Wars wedding
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Wedding cake is self-expression in its finest form, food. Let your guests see, and taste, your love for Star Wars with a themed wedding cake. And if you and your spouse are struggling to come to a compromise between traditional wedding cake and Star Wars cake, let’s just say there is always a solution!

plan a star wars wedding
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How better to leave your ceremony, enter your reception or head off at the end of the night than through an archway of light sabers? Give guests their own colorful light saber to light up the night as you walk through. Bonus, those light sabers could double as favors!

Star Wars wedding
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Show your love for Star Wars, and for your partner, by wearing a themed ring, either to dress up on your big day or as your wedding ring.

plan a gay Star Wars wedding
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Featured image by Michelle Martin Photography