Plan for rain on your wedding day. You’ll be glad you did.

Rain. The dreaded word you don’t want to hear when it comes to your wedding day. Whether you plan for it or not, if it’s going to happen, then it’s going to happen. Here’s how to be safe rather than sorry. 


Pack a rainy day kit

If you fall victim to rain, it may undo the hair or makeup you had done. Pack a bag of essentials such as hair gel, a comb, mascara, makeup brushes and tissues to be able to make any touch-ups needed due to rain. Designate a member of your wedding party or a family member to be responsible for having this kit on hand at all times. Also have rainboots on hand to keep your feet dry. 

Photo via Inspired Events by Kelly
Photo via Inspired Events by Kelly

Bring umbrellas

Have enough back-up umbrellas on-hand for at least the entire wedding party. If you are getting married in a very rainy environment or during a rainy season, consider giving out umbrellas as a favor. If umbrellas are not a cost effective option, have rain ponchos on hand for your guests. Umbrellas also make for a great photo op so be sure to have at least one or two on hand that you would like to use for pictures! 

Rainy wedding day (109)
Photo by BG Productions Photography and Videography via Equally Wed


Back-up location

Whether your ceremony, reception or both is scheduled to be outside, make sure your venue has somewhere to celebrate your big day in case of rain. If you are getting married in an outdoor only venue, consider renting a tent to cover your ceremony or reception. 

Put in flooring

Even if your wedding day is full of sunshine, if it’s been pouring in the time leading up to your wedding, the ground will be muddy which can ruin shoes, dresses and the hems of pants. Avoid a muddy mess and put down flooring for your wedding ceremony and reception.  Flooring can be wiped dry much quicker than a muddy ground will dry up and will create a cleaner day. 

floor design floor rental for beach wedding
Photo by Stamford Tent & Event Services via Equally Wed

Embrace the rain

If you know it is going to rain, embrace it. Put on some warm socks and trade in those expensive shoes for galoshes. Jump in puddles for your ceremony photos. You can’t do anything to change the weather, so try and make the best of it. You only get one wedding, don’t let a little water spoil your big day.