2017 wedding trend: floor design

You’re planning your wedding design and you think you’ve covered it all – chandeliers hanging from the ceiling,  a balloon wall for photos and a floral archway to welcome guests. You’ve hit the ceiling, the walls and the door . . . but what about the floor? Floor designs are becoming more and more popular and while the floor (or ground) at your venue may be exactly what you want, there is always the ability to dress it up. 

Renting a floor overlay for you wedding is often used to create a designated dance floor area within your venue. While you can overlay the entire floor, this is often unnecessary and not cost effective. For couples looking to add a bit of flooring, dance floors can be decorated with other materials such as wood panel flooring, vinyl adhesives or light-up tiles. 

Photo via Dance Floor Rentals
Photo via Dance Floor Rentals

For couples having an outdoor wedding, tearing up the dance floor, or even pulling your chairs out from the table, on a sandy beach or grassy lawn can prove to be difficult. An outdoor wedding does not mean that you have to lose the option of adding in your own custom floor design. Having a floor installed is a way to decorate your outdoor space and also a great tactic for weather-proofing your wedding.

Whether or not you have a tent, the ground can still absorb rain water and make a muddy mess if it pours the night before, or day of, your wedding. Tent or no tent, a wet floor can be wiped down easily, but a wet ground will be muddy all day. Installing floor panels to create an aisle for your ceremony is also a weather-safe precaution, and definitely one to take if anyone plans on wearing high heels.

floor design floor rental for beach wedding
Photo via Stamford Tent & Event Services

Custom floors also make a great overlay for carpeted venues. New flooring gives a unique look to any venue. If you live in an area where it seems like everyone’s wedding reception is at the same venue, add a floor to give guests a new visual experience. Flooring also provides a smoother surface for busting a move and draws attention to the designated dance floor area. Adding in a custom floor is a great decor option for couples who want to ensure guests get up and dance at their wedding reception. 

floor design floor installation over carpet
Photo via Superior Equipment and Supply

Choose a floor that matches the colors of your space, or pick one that makes a bold statement. Your flooring installation can be the focal point of your decor instead of floral arrangements or lighting, meaning you can make it stand out any way you want. 

black and white wedding dance floor design
Photo via Pinterest

If decorating the entire floor is not your style or not within your budget, opt for a smaller statement piece. A great way to incorporate a floor design is to order a decal with your name, monogram or wedding date. These can be as big or as small as you would like and can range from covering the entire floor, to filling a small space at the head of a table or in front of the microphone where guests will be giving speeches.

Wedding floor design monogram style gold
Photo by SpeedPro Imaging via Pinterest

Before you order any kind of additional flooring or decals, no matter how easily removable, be sure to check with your venue to confirm that flooring installation and decoration are permitted, both outside and inside. If your venue says no to floor alterations, do not fret. You can still dress up the dance floor at your wedding with a lighting projection.
floor design Dance floor wedding lighting monogram

Photo by Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography via Inside Weddings

Can’t decide between a custom floor or projection? No one ever said you couldn’t have both. Order a custom floor for your wedding, then dress it up with a lighting design for added pizzazz and customization. Floors are a great way to decorate a large space without having to fill it with tons of little details. No matter what floor design you choose, make it your own. 

floor design light up initials
Photo by Jason and Rebecca Walker for Ira Lippke Studios via Inside Weddings


H/T: Angela Desveaux, WedLuxe Magazine