Relationships are a wild ride filled with love, laughter, hardship and commitment. The good comes with bad and the highs come with lows but at the end of the day it’s all about the love you have for one another. All of the ups and downs of a strong, loving relationship are showcased in “After Forever,” a new romantic, touching, funny and heartbreaking internet short-form series on Amazon.

“Commitment, it’s a funny word…because we use it to refer to a serious, loving relationship but we also use it to refer to someone being forcibly placed in a mental hospital,” suggests Brian.

“Are you saying we’re living in our own private looney bin?” Jason questions.

“If we are, then I have no interest in being released,” replies Brian.

“After Forever” follows the life of 50-something couple Jason and Brian and their 15 year relationship filled with support, passionate love for one another and inevitable challenges. In addition to watching your new favorite show, you’ll also be soaking in a lot of great relationship advice. Brian and Jason’s relationship is not without its teachable moments and your relationship will thank them. Check out some of the great relationship wisdom from “After Forever.”

Live every moment like it’s your last

It may be cliche, but it’s also some incredibly true advice for life and for relationships. No one knows what the future may bring whether it be an accident, illness, death or some other change that could alter your entire life forever in just one simple second. By treating every day like it could be your last, you will find your relationship stronger and each moment you spend together more fun and memorable.

Surprise gifts go a long way, even if they’re gag gifts just to make you laugh

Whether it’s as sentimental as a present related to the first time you met or a gag gift inspired by a joke your partner makes, never underestimate the impact of surprising your partner. It truly is the thought that counts and those gifts may become memories your partner holds on to forever.

Talking honestly is important

Bottling up how you feel doesn’t get you anywhere and can ultimately harm a relationship. Speak openly and honestly with your partner about how you feel. Respect one another’s thoughts and feelings and know that you both are going to have your share of emotions and that everyone’s feelings and thoughts are valid.

Compliment each other

“You look fucking sexy” Brian tells Jason as he ties his bow tie before the couple heads to a wedding.

The way Jason’s face lights up from this statement is a reminder that a simple compliment is all it takes to make your partner’s day. Or anyone’s day for that matter. Everyone loves a compliment. And it’s not just about physical compliments. No matter how confident you are as a person or in your relationship, compliments and admiration never hurt anyone. Tell your loved one when you’re proud of them, when you liked the dinner they made, or even something as simple as the fact that you enjoy waking up next to them in the morning (bringing us back full circle to living every moment like it’s your last)!

For more relationship inspiration check out “After Forever” on Amazon Prime.The first season of the short-form series can be watched in 90 minutes, making it the perfect binge-worthy experience for you and your partner.