James and Alastair wanted to have their engagement session at home in San Francisco so they could feel ready for their wedding day. Their shoot consisted of blueberry pie and lounging with their adorable two cats Sharla and Onyx. 


What a fun engagement shoot! James and Alastair really wanted their shoot to be candid and photojournalistic. Luckily, that’s just my style. Doing the traditional San Francisco backdrop was not what they were looking for. Instead, the couple wanted to have their engagement shoot be a time for them to warm up in front of the camera so they’d be ready for their wedding day pictures.



How better to keep things comfortable than to shoot at home? We had an amazing time in their kitchen as Alastair made one of his signature pies — on the menu today was blueberry. All the ingredients were laid out and the two got to making the most delicious pie I’ve had in a long time. James is pretty lucky to have such a great cook.

While the pie was in the oven we popped up to the roof for a few photos where you could see Twin Peaks in the background. Then we went down to the garden and took a few more photos with their kitties. It was a great afternoon with James and Alastair and I felt really lucky to be invited into their home to witness a glimpse of their life and their love for each other. I’m really looking forward to their wedding day at Hotel Vitale and capturing more beautiful moments.


Photography: Liz Caruana  

Venue: Private residence