Wedding planning is the fun, yet seemingly unending task that faces engaged couple everywhere. As the planning list gets longer, the stress can begin to pile on. Stress can leave you run down, and the last thing you want is to be suffering from a cold at your wedding. The only reason you want to break out the tissues on your big day is for the happy tears you’ll be shedding, not to blow your nose. Boost your immune system and beat stress by adding these tasks to the top of your wedding planning list.


Drink water

This cannot be said enough. Whether you’re planning a wedding or not, your body needs to stay hydrated. About 60% of the human body is water and even a small dip in the water level of your body can contribute to major fatigue and lead you on the path to dehydration. Stay alert by making sure you’re continually drinking water throughout the day.

Reconnect with your partner

Go on a date. Sprawl out on the couch and watch a movie. Head outside for a walk around the block. Cook a healthy meal together. Connecting with your partner can boost oxytocin and other feel-good chemicals in the brain.

Get in a workout

Destress with some yoga, sweat out your angst with a high endurance activity or head to a spin class. Workouts are a great stress reliever and immune booster, and leave you feeling good.


It can seem counterproductive to sleep when you feel like your to-do list is never ending. But getting a good night’s sleep is important for keeping your body and immune system functioning properly.

Remember your “why”

When the planning gets to be too much, remember why you’re planning a wedding. It’s not to have a party, it’s to celebrate the start to the rest of your life. The good, the bad, all of it. If you’ve reached a breaking point with your wedding planning, take a break and step away from the planning. Marriage will last a lifetime, but your linen color and menu choices will only last a day.