If fitness is on your wedding planning to-do list, it can seem overwhelming deciding where to start and how to find the time for it. And, if you’re saving up for your wedding, gym membership costs and fitness classes can add up fast. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to exercise that don’t require sacrificing your entire bank account, or even leaving the house.  Whether your goal is to tone up, lose weight or just feel healthier, be sure to keep your goals achievable and realistic. Remember to always love yourself and that your partner loves you no matter what (after all, that’s why you’re getting married)!

Peleton Spin Class

Like to spin but don’t always feel like leaving the house for a Soul Cycle class? Spin at home with that stationary bike you’ve been meaning to exercise on but now just use as a clothing rack. If the spin instructor is what keeps you motivated, bring them home with you!  Exercise bike company Peleton offers live and on-demand spin classes. Available on your iOS device for just $12.99/month, you can use any bike, meaning you can skip the $2,000 price tag of a Peleton. Grab a portable device stand for your stationary bike and start pedaling. Try it out with a 14 day free trial.


Cosmo Body

Popular magazine Cosmopolitan has taken its popular workout routines off the pages and turned them into real life videos. What was once a paid membership service, CosmoBody is now a free YouTube channel filled with a variety of at-home workouts ranging from strength and conditioning to dance cardio. Do a quick exercise video or choose from their full-length routine playlist to get your sweat on.


Need musical motivation to keep your exercise going? We’ve got a workout playlist for that.



Wedding planning can get stressful, and yoga is an amazing practice for stress-relief. Do yoga anywhere with the help of YogaGlo. The online yoga and meditation source is available in both app and desktop form, and has classes for all levels. YogaGlo starts with a 15-day free trial, and then is $18/month to continue. Memberships can be gifted, so tell your friends and it just might be a pre-wedding gift!



Seriously, just walk. Around the block, through the mall (maybe even shop a little) or take a walk through the office every hour. Getting your steps in gets you up and moving while helping to keep you motivated. Plus, an after dinner walk is a great activity for you and your partner to reconnect after a long day.

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