Thinking about marrying my best friend gives me those heart warming feels I’ve always dreamed of feeling. Chloe and I met at vet school nine years ago and after five years of a wonderful friendship we suddenly found ourselves in unfamiliar territory being in love with each other. Thankfully all these new feelings were mutual!! We knew we had found something special in each other and we also knew that we would be spending the rest of our lives together no matter what. We are currently having the time of our lives traveling around Europe and working in the UK as vets. I knew I wanted to propose to Chloe while on one of our many sunrise/sunset adventures where we always find ourselves saying “isn’t this the best moment ever?!”

LGBTQ+ sunset proposal in Matera, Italy image description: two women smiling after one proposed to the other

I was carrying the ring around in my flimsy travel bag waiting for that right moment. I had no real plan, I just knew it had to be at a time where we were both feeling so happy to be experiencing a beautiful moment together. This moment came in Matera, a beautiful town in the south of Italy. We arrived and the sun was setting, we were blown away by the beauty of the town and so went in search for a bottle of wine (not easy in a town that resembles a maze!). We found a small local bar that sold us one of their bottles and uncorked it for us and we raced back to find a secluded view point to watch the sunset. We found a little platform with no one else around. While overlooking the town we watched the most beautiful sunset and then watched as the town’s lights came on and the night set in. In that moment we both couldn’t stop smiling and felt so happy to be experiencing such a wonderful night. I knew it was the moment. I poured Chloe another glass of wine, reached in my bag and then promised her I would love her for the rest of my life and asked her would she marry me and spend the rest of her life loving me. Of course she said yes. There were many tears from us both and our wonderful moment just became the greatest moment of our lives to date! —Olivia (Liv) Lemmon


Photos by couple

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