Simple, handmade and meaningful wedding cake toppers for same-sex couples by Kira Lily Nash


Kira Lily Nash is an artist from the United Kingdom who has a passion for all things creative. Nash is a synesthete, which means that she’s very sensitive to colors and for and how the two interact.

“I’m synesthetic, so color and form harmony are very important to me,” says Nash. “I hope to use my art to help bring a bit more gentleness, beauty and joy into a world that desperately needs them.”


These lovely, sweet wedding cake toppers are a wonderful way to celebrate the joy of love. Sometimes even the simplest of things can have the most meaning. Nash uses birch wood and water-based paints for her creations, and she has extraordinary passion for what she does.

“The wedding cake toppers evolved out my reminiscences of my own wedding, and how difficult it was to find something simple, handmade and meaningful,” she continues. “I also noticed that same-sex couples are not fairly represented in wedding decorations. To me, coming from a family with same-sex couples and a mix of races, nationalities and orientations, this is unacceptable! Every couple is so unique and special, and every couple deserves to feel like their wedding is the most important one ever. I was really touched by the people who went out of their way to see that our day was perfect, and I want to help other couples feel the same way.”


kira-lily-nash-bride-2  kira-lily-nash-groom-2

 For more information or to place your custom order, please visit Nash’s product pages on Folksy, here and here.


Emily Gable is the associate editor at Equally Wed, the world’s leading gay and lesbian wedding magazine. For more marriage equality news, follow Equally Wed on Twitter and Facebook.

Photos courtesy og Kira Lily Nash