Wedding registries have long needed a major overhaul. Let’s be honest, shall we? It’s only exciting before you get into the end of the first hour of zapping labels of dishes you pre-selected online that now your spouse-to-be is annoyingly reconsidering. And that’s just the dishes. Then you’ve got linens, pots, pans, frames, tchotchkes you simply can’t live without … the list can be endless if you let it consume you.


zola-logoZola is different. Zola—which means love in Zulu—loves turning tradition on its head. It’s an online wedding registry destination for the modern couple (inclusive of same-sex couples as well!). Effortless, beautiful, and easy to use, Zola’s mission is to give you and your fiancé the endless options you deserve, all in one place.

Zola’s interface is simultaneously gorgeous and intuitive, so it’s easy to use while fun to stare at during work and at home (no department store boredom here!). After you set up your personalized page (with your own free custom-made URL), you’ll register for what you really want. You can mix and match with classic, modern, and timeless gifts from more than 200+ brands, experiences such as a couples cooking class or outdoor hike, pricier items that multiple friends can contribute to via Group Gifting, Honeymoon & Cash funds, and then when you’re surfing the Web, you can use Zola’s handy “Add to Zola” button, so you can easily add anything else that you love from anywhere online.




Zola’s iPhone app and Registry Concierge will make the experience seamless. You can decide when and where you want gifts shipped—and even exchange them before they’re shipped. It couldn’t be easier.

Photo by Ira Lippke

BONUS! Equally Wed readers will receive $25 to spend at Zola when you set up your wedding registry on Zola. New registries must be started (but not necessarily published) between Feb. 24 and May 24, 2015. Credits will be placed into your Zola account 4 weeks after your registry is published live. Click here to get started.

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