When models get married, it’s no surprise that their wedding photos look like the cover of a magazine, at least in the case of Thad Nelson and Aren Muse. When Twitter got wind of Nelson and Muse’s wedding photos, the couple went viral. Perhaps it was because of their luscious locks, or their beaming smiles exuding love or the gorgeous Cabo sunset. Whatever it was, the Internet fell in love, and it came as quite a surprise to the newlyweds.

Photo via @thaddeusmaximus on Instagram

“I just wanted to share some photos from our wedding and express the joy that I had felt this past month of being married,” Nelson told Yahoo. “I posted just before bed, and by the time I woke up, it had taken off and I couldn’t even trace the tweets all the way back … So, thank you to whoever decided to share our incredible day!”

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“Thaddeus Maximus and Aren Muse one looks like a Roman Emperor and the other is like a Greek Hero,” writes the couple’s wedding photographer Ricardo Quintana. “This amazing couple was a dream to shoot with, plus they went with all my crazy ideas.  We spent a whole afternoon starting in Salt Lake downtown and, later we landed on the fabulous Little Sahara. The day, the outfits, the locations and the emotions. It all came together and I’m so happy to have met this loving couple and get to know their beautiful story.”

Photos via @thadnelson on Twitter

Muse and Nelson are supporters of (and models for) Encircle Together, an LGBTQ+ family and youth resource center located in Utah.

Photo via @arenmuse