Tiffany and Jen went through a long and trying process to adopt two young boys, but they are now a family and it was all worth it.


Tiffany and Jen share their love with their two sons, and this family shoot with Lynne Reznick Photography was just what was needed in order to capture that emotion—and let the boys get some of their wild energy out!


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From Lynne, their photographer:

Moms Tiffany and Jen adopted their two boys, Jeremiah and Kayden, about a year ago. They went through a long and emotional process to finally get to call themselves a forever family and they are so happy to be able to do so. These boys are high-energy and love to run and play so Tiffany and Jen thought the best place for our session was a local park where we could start on the playground and go from there. The boys also got a little dancing in, and our session was so much fun! This family truly knows the meaning of love and they were an inspiration to photograph.


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Photos: Lynne Reznick Photography