This week in family news it’s all about dads in honor of Father’s Day. Being a father comes with challenges and celebrations, both of which have been highlighted in these stories of fatherhood.


Shampoo commercial encourages parents to support their transgender children

Unilever has created a commercial for their Sunsilk shampoo showcasing the importance hair plays in self-confidence, especially when that hair plays a part in your gender experession.

Based on a true story, the mini-movie features Rock Kwanlada, the first runner-up in the 2017 Miss Tiffany Universe, a Thai trans beauty contest.


Dove celebrates all fathers with Father’s Day campaign

Unilever is 2/2 with family videos this week as they celebrate all fathers for Father’s Day. #DearFutureDads shows the life of a variety of dads including two fathers reading to their children. Get ready, you’re going to want the tissues nearby for this one.


Legal battle begins for transgender paternity rights

Fighting for your children isn’t always easy. A transgender man in Britain has filed suit after not being allowed to be legally listed as his child’s father after giving birth. A human rights case has been filed on the grounds that being registered as the child’s mother goes against the right of respect and a private life for the father and his family.

The unnamed man who gave birth had legally changed his gender prior to giving birth and possesses certification that he did so. Despite being legally recognized as a man, the law requires that those who give birth be listed as the child’s mother and “father” or “parent” are not acceptible options.

Come September a decision should be made in court which is being overseen by judge Mr. Justice Francis. This is not a scenario that has ever been seen England or Wales’ court and the decision will set a precedent for future transgender families.  The father is being represented by barrister Hannah Markham QC, who says that Britain’s law is not compatible with today’s views on gender expression in society. The case has begun and so far the High Court judge has heard from the father and representatives of the General Registrar Office which oversees birth, marriage and death records.