Simply put … it was a disaster that turned out perfect in every way. I work in the event industry so Brooke knew it would be hard to slip a proposal by me, but let me tell you what, she did! We had talked earlier in the week about doing a wine tour/tasting that weekend which is something we both love and enjoy so I thought nothing of it. I continued to think nothing of it when she mentioned me inviting my best friend and her husband along with us! They rightfully agreed, not knowing they were all scheming behind my back to make me think this was all my idea when really it was already fully in motion. The week went on as normal with work and then Friday “rolls” around ….. I was headed to my last work meeting of the day and I had to stop for gas. While at the gas station I slipped and fell in the parking lot on an oil slick and badly injured my left ankle. I called Brooke and sobbed on the phone, she of course thought I was overreacting, yet the amazing woman she is, still somehow found the gas station I was at on google maps and got ahold of the manager to come check on me. After filing an incident report and making it to my meeting, I rushed home, iced my ankle and waited for Brooke to come home.

On her way home she calls my mom and my best friend who both are asking if she is still going to “pop the question” the next day. She says in true Brooke fashion, let me go home and “assess the situation” first and I’ll let you know. She gets home, expecting to find me walking around and instead finds me on the couch with an ankle the size of softball. She immediately carries me to the car and off to the ER we go! A torn ligament or two later I am put in a walking boot for three weeks, but I am determined to not break plans for the next day.

So we wake up, rush around the house, I am more worried about what right shoe I can wear that will make me not only walk level but maybe make my giant boot not look so bad that I am completely oblivious to Brooke panicking over what she is going to wear, how her hair looks and the nervous sweating she is encountering.

We finally get in the car, drive to lunch to meet our friends where they all are anxious and trying not to slip up and say anything while I am trying to figure out how to keep my ankle from throbbing as the blood is rushing into my foot after I kicked the curb walking in. We leave lunch and head to the winery where I shortly realize … there is a LOT of walking, but we have wine so that’s good!

We get to a spot on the vineyards where you can go right or left and lucky me I got to choose, so I picked the side that looked greener and we stop for a “photo” opportunity … little did I know my life was about to change forever and they managed to do it all without me having the slightest clue. We smile for a picture and before I can even say cheese, I feel the love of my life grab my hand, get down on one knee and ask me the most simple but beautiful words I have ever heard, “Will you Marry Me?” And of course the answer was yes and my best friends got it all on video!

The photos from the vineyard proposal were simple and cute and absolutely perfect. However, my now fiancé is a pilot and so I planned a vintage airplane theme engagement session to announce the engagement formally to our loved ones!

Equality-minded wedding vendors

Photography: Stacey Brookes
Engagement shoot venue: Cavanaugh Flight Museum