With the majority of wedding magazines focused on femme women, we want to make sure to take the time to talk to our masculine readers, be they cisgender, transgender or somewhere in between on the gender continuum. Today’s topic: hair.

Whether you’re going for the slicked-back sleek look of the 1920s (think Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby), a do-wop from the middle of last century (Elvis really did have good hair), something short and cropped or a fade, we’ve rounded up some photos to inspire your wedding hairdo.


John Legend rocks a sexy head full of cropped black curls.


Beck, a trans man, gets a final spritz before his wedding. Photo: Our Labor of Love


Leonardo DiCaprio embodies Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby. Photo: Warner Bros.


Jenny Shimizu, a model and actress (and confirmed past lover of Angelina Jolie’s and rumored lover of Madonna’s) kills with this short, slightly shaggy haircut.


Styled, deeply side-parted waves keep this model’s hair looking farm-fresh.

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