We’re usually telling you about equality-minded wedding bakers who are actively submitting their weddings to us of LGBTQ couples or homophobic businesses flat out refusing it. But this is a new type of headline we’re delighted to report on!

A Colorado bakery refused to write an inflammatory anti-gay message on a cake and the customer promptly filed a complaint against it.

Owner Marjorie Silva of Azucar Bakery in Denver, Colorado, said a customer asked for a Bible-shaped cake with the words “God hates gays” written on it. The customer canceled the order, then filed a religious discrimination complaint.

“It’s unfair that he’s accusing me of discriminating when I think he was the one that is discriminating,” Silva told NBC affiliate KUSA.

After you watch the video, please also take action. This brave woman is now also in a court battle, and has had to hire a lawyer. She’s a small business owner, and her Go Fund Me page has already taken a life of its own. On it, she pledges to use the funds for fighting this legal battle. Let’s show her and the world we believe in standing up for what’s right. We need more Marjorie Silvas. What do you think of this story? Weigh in below with your comments.

Watch the Hot Topics news video below:


Photo: Courtesy of Azucar Bakery