2017 wedding trend: balloon decor

Balloons are a trend we’re going to be seeing a lot more of 2017 and we couldn’t be more excited! They add the perfect pop of color to any venue and can be incorporated subtly, or as a major decorative focal point. Balloons come in a variety of sizes, and are a great element to incorporate no matter how big or small your venue. Decorating with balloons is an option for a wedding of any budget, from bunches of balloons you can get blown up at the local dollar store to beach ball-sized balloons to grand balloon arches. Balloons are so fun to decorate with you may just find yourself getting swept into having a balloon-themed wedding


Balloon bouquets

Putting balloons together can take a variety of forms. Balloon bouquets can be small groupings of balloons on sticks, taking the form of a bouquet in a vase, or they can be large groupings placed on the floor of your reception venue or lining the aisle of your wedding ceremony. Bouquets can be put together to create a large group of balloons, or staggered at different heights to fill in a more narrow space.  Create a focal point in your balloon bouquet by adding in a statement balloon such as a heart or other special shape. 

Photo via Balloon Celebrations
Photo via Balloon Celebrations


Balloon animals

Whoever said balloon creatures were just for children? You can incorporate balloon objects into your wedding (whether or not you want a clown to make them like they did when you were a child is up to you). Have allergies or just don’t want a floral bouquet? Flowers made out of balloons are a great alternative. 

Balloon flower bouquet balloon animal creations
Photo by McCall Doyle Photography via Bella Flair Design


Balloon wall

A decorative element that doubles as a photo backdrop? Sign us up! Creating a wall of balloons helps to fill any large space at a much more cost-effective rate than a floral wall, and also functions as a great backdrop in place of an altar for your wedding ceremony.   The wall can be a solid color to match your decor or an elaborate design such as a pattern or a picture of the happy couple. Bonus points if you build it to triple as a carnival dart-toss game for guests to play throughout the night (the wall will have to get popped at some point after the wedding anyway). 

Balloon wall photo backdrop for a wedding
Photo via Pinterest


Letter balloons

Every number and letter of the alphabet comes in balloon form, adding to the decorative potential of balloons. Letter balloons are perfect for spelling out your new last name, official wedding hashtag or the date of your wedding. Incorporate these into your balloon wall or arch for added flair. 

Balloon lettering balloon words wedding date
Photo via Balloon Corporate Events


Balloon arches

Welcome guests to your wedding with a balloon arch. These can create an elaborate entrance as you walk down the aisle, greet guests as they enter the reception venue or create a focal point over the newlyweds’ sweetheart table. 

Wedding balloon arch wedding outdoor
Photo via Arvay Event Design and Rental


Balloon centerpieces

Balloons make a great centerpiece for tables and are significantly less expensive than a floral bouquet table centerpiece. You can stagger several balloons, use balloons within balloons or have one singular over-sized balloon with ribbons. Just be sure the balloons are high enough that guests see through them to talk to the people on the other side of the table and they don’t block other tables’ views of the first dance and wedding toasts. 

Balloon table centerpiece large balloons
Photo via Pinterest


Balloon releases

While balloon releases are beautiful at wedding ceremonies, be sure to check if they are legal in your area before you dream of having one as they have been outlawed in many places. Because balloons pop and return to Earth in an undetermined location, they turn into litter and pollute the land, fill bodies of water and cause animals and birds to choke when they mistake them for food. If you are considering a balloon release, ask yourself if you want one for any reason other than the pretty photos they produce. If not, look for other photo-friendly alternatives such as sparklers or a sprinkle toss as you exit. 

Ohio Botanical Lesbian Wedding
Photo by Two Maries via Equally Wed


Are you planning to incorporate balloons into your wedding? Tell us how below. 


H/T: Angela Desveaux, WedLuxe Magazine