The sky is the limit when it comes to first dance songs. Your song could be slow, upbeat, a medley, or a single song. It could be choreographed, spontaneous, or somewhere in between.

But the first step is choosing which song you’re going to use for that special moment.

If you still haven’t found that perfect first dance song, check out these six love songs by LGBTQ+ music artists.

Girl by The Internet

Girl is featured on The Internet’s album Ego Death, which in 2016 was nominated for a Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album. In this love song, lead singer Syd says, “I can give you the life you deserve, just say the word, baby and I got you, darlin’ I got you.”

Thinkin Bout You by Frank Ocean

In this song, Frank Ocean sings that he has “been thinking bout forever” with the person he loves.

Honey by Kehlani

In this soft and sweet love song, Kehlani sings about the utter joy of being in love, proclaiming “All the pretty girls in the world, But I’m in this space with you.”

What a Beautiful Day by Brett Every

For those looking for something to explicitly celebrate their sexuality, Brett Every’s What a Beautiful Day is the perfect choice. This song tells the story of two men getting married with the acceptance of their family and friends. It even acknowledges the joy of marriage equality.

She Keeps Me Warm by Mary Lambert

This classic that proclaims “I can’t change, even if I tried,” will never fail to bring a tear to your guests’ eyes. Mary Lambert sings, “She says I smell like safety and home. I named both of her eyes forever and please-don’t-go. I could be a morning sunrise all the time, all the time, yeah. This could be good, this could be good”

My Guy by Kele Okereke

Kele Okereke recorded this song as part of a 2018 project called Universal Love–Wedding Songs Reimagined. The album, featuring artists like Kesha and Bob Dylan, involved re-recording popular wedding songs with new pronouns. In My Guy, Kele Okereke reimagines The Temptations song, My Girl.