Megan and Bree fell in love unexpectedly. Neither had ever dated a girl before. Their families are longtime friends and they had attended various parties but had never really met until a cousin introduced them based on their individual love of Crossfit. This was a beautiful, romantic, love-filled wedding where they were accepted and celebrated.—Angie McCaffrey, Entwined Studio


Photo by Entwined Studio Photography
Photo by Entwined Studio Photography
Photo via Elegant holiday ivory, gold and burgundy lesbian wedding
Photo via Elegant holiday ivory, gold and burgundy lesbian wedding
Photo via “An Elegant Holiday Winter Wedding”
Photo via “An Elegant Holiday Winter Wedding”

From the brides:

Both of us have extremely big families, but we aren’t very flashy people who love the center of attention. We wanted our wedding to look (and feel) as intimate as possible with such a large group of family and friends, so we felt that choosing to have our wedding in the winter would help make it more cozy. We chose to stick with things that felt like winter and warmth, i.e pine, cranberry, etc. with a color palette of brown, green, white, gold and deep reds to bring it all together.

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On their decor:

We played off of the holiday theme without going completely overboard on it. We wanted the day to be the main focus, instead of the decor, while also keeping it classy and elegant. Our florist did an incredible job of keeping things simple with white-tinted pine cones, as well evergreen, holly, pine, cranberries, and gold pieces all throughout. We reluctantly incorporated some gold to pull in the Christmas/New Years theme (since our wedding was the day before New Year’s) and ended up falling in love with how it brought everything together. We decided that the stress of having a wedding right around the holidays was enough for us to want to avoid anything DIY.

On their flowers:

We used flowers within all of the elements. Our bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and backdrops all stuck to the same color palette of brown, green, white, gold and burgundy. We both wore white, and wanted our bridal parties to be in deep colors given the theme, so we chose to have one party in burgundy, and the other in black. The final result ended up looking better than we could’ve ever imagined.

Favorite moments from the day:

We honestly loved every single part of our wedding day. Aside from the fact that we can’t repeat it over, and over, and over, again. Truly, it was a dream come true. The day goes by entirely too fast.

Talk to us about your wedding style:

We didn’t really know what we wanted, the biggest problem was that we wanted very similar things: white, slimmer fit (no ball gowns), lace, etc. So, naturally, we went dress shopping … together! BUT we were very firm in not wanting to see each other’s look, so we had family members come with us so that they could make sure that no matter what we did pick, it wasn’t the same. We ended up picking the very first dress we each tried on with the help of an incredible staff, and our families. All we were told before the wedding was that the dresses ‘complemented each other so well.’ You can clearly see by the pictures that we couldn’t have possibly picked out two dresses that worked together better, even if we tried. One thing we knew for sure was that, once the day arrived, we wanted to be comfortable so that we could truly enjoy every moment so we ended up with multiple shoe changes throughout the day. A few days before the wedding we found out there would be snow on our wedding day, so of course we ordered the most comfortable (water-resistant) boots we could find; White Hunter Boots with red fleece inserts. We wouldn’t have lasted 10 minutes outside without them. Once we came back inside, we put on our actual wedding day shoes. Megan went with a tan low-cut boot/heel with open sides, while Breanna chose a tall, high laced, burgundy boot/heel. After the ceremony, we knew we wanted to be more comfortable to dance so we switched to low, cute, white Steve Madden sneaks.

Tell us about the beginning. How did you meet?

It all began with our families. Breanna’s uncle and aunt have been friends with Megan’s uncle and aunt for what seems like a lifetime. They met almost 40 years ago and the rest is history. The families have been the best of friends, ever since. Somehow over the course of our entire lives, even with the strong family ties, we’d never actually officially met. That was until August of 2015, when our cousins decided it’d be a great idea to introduce us because we had so much in common. Of course they were thinking, ‘These two could be awesome friends.. They’re the same age, had major surgeries recently, both love working out, are great with kids, etc. It could be the perfect friendship.’ And at the time, we were thinking the same. What a friendship it turned into! We hit it off almost immediately; they were right! It was EASY; we did have a lot in common. It wasn’t long at all before we were best friends, just like the families have always been. However, what we weren’t expecting was for it to turn into something so much more than just a friendship. Over time, the incredible friendship that we built developed into a love that we never could have expected. Although it was a little different than things had been in the past, our strong connection kept pulling us toward each other and told us to keep moving forward with this new love. Soon after, we got to the point where we could not possibly imagine spending our lives with anyone else, and that was what made things very clear for us. This new adventure would last a lifetime. So here we are! Sometimes it’s hardest to see the things that have been right in front of you all along. They say that it’s not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages. And that if you can you should marry your best friend. We can, without a doubt and with 100 percent certainty in our hearts say that we’re each lucky enough to truly have married our best friend?


What was the most anticipated or special moment of your wedding day?

The first look. HANDS DOWN. We were both eager to get to each other, not only to finally see each other—the dresses, the hair, the makeup—but to feel complete again and to know that once the first look began, it was truly the start of our wedding day. The first day of the rest of our lives. It was the most intimate and special moment of our big day and we wouldn’t change a single thing about it. We even ended up with the most gorgeous dusting of snow on a blustery 10-degree day, and neither of us had cold feet.

Advice for other LGBTQ+ couples planning their weddings?

Probably something similar to what everyone told us leading up to the wedding, ‘All of the stress will fall away once the day gets here.’ It truly does. Wedding planning gets stressful but remember that wedding planning is just a period in time. Try to enjoy it as much as you possibly can with your significant other. At the end of the day, all that matters it the two of you and the connection that you have. Use the time to work on your communication skills, and bond throughout the process. Life, relationships and marriage can get stressful. Stick together in everything that you do.



Photographer: Entwined Studio
DJ: elegant music group
Reception venue: Mayfair Farms
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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