The queer-positive makeup brand Fluide gets it—traditional ads focused on heteronormative ideals are a thing of the past. Fluide embraced chosen families with their first-ever holiday campaign, according to Teen Vogue.

On their website, Fluide defines chosen family as “a group of people to whom you are emotionally close and consider ‘family’ even though not biologically or legally related.” The campaign on the site showcases a diverse group of people smiling and celebrating together, with many wearing colorful and glittery makeup looks.

Fluide created an inclusive ode to the LGBTQ+ community, photographed by Laura Perlstein. The campaign draws inspiration from the fact that the holiday season can be a difficult time for people who don’t feel “seen, accepted, or supported by their biological families.” Fluide cofounder and creative director Isabella Giancarlo tells Allure that “cultivating a community of people who offer understanding and acceptance is especially important during this time of year.”

“Chosen family, I think, is a concept that so many of us can relate to, but especially within the queer community, when traditionally we’ve been, perhaps, cast out from our families, rejected, or just don’t feel comfortable coming home for the holidays,” Laura Kraber, co-founder and CEO of Fluide, tells Teen Vogue.

Founded in January 2018, Fluide aims to create cruelty-free products that are accessible to everyone. The brand worked with celebrity makeup artist Deja Smith through her makeup and hair company with Dee TrannyBear. All of the models involved in the Chosen Family campaign are queer activists, artists and drag queens.

“For our first holiday season we really wanted to both create a celebratory mood because it feels really celebratory, but we also just feel like it’s been a challenging couple of years, especially within the queer community, especially with trans rights under attack,” says Laura. “So many things feel like they’re getting worse, and we wanted to do something positive that felt warm and inviting and welcoming.”

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