Eric and Lavell’s Fort Lauderdale stylish engagement session

Fort Lauderdale stylish engagement session

Our eyes first met in Atlanta, Ga., a day I will forever hold dear to my heart. My now-husband Eric is a vocalist and was competing for a well-known pageant, while I was a spectator supporting my sister who was competing as well. I stopped Eric, asked his name and vowed to get in contact with him that night. Sadly the conversation that night never happened but two days later we finally met again in person. The rest is history as we were clearly a match made in heaven. We dated long-distance for 1 year, which seemed like an eternity apart and so we moved in together shortly thereafter.

Our first date actually happened the first time we met in person after Eric’s competition. It was a Friday night, I will never forget. Our first official date occurred on Tuesday morning, at Starbucks. I spent almost 2 hours attempting to find Eric’s hotel in Atlanta, Ga., which happened to be 7 minutes down the street. Ha! How ironic, huh? We sat and spoke at the hotel for about 20 minutes and then Eric asked me if I wanted to go to Starbucks for coffee, and thus the first date was on the way. Now, I didn’t drink coffee that morning, but I have totally become a regular Starbucks Caramel Latte drinker to this day!

Eric proposed to me in Miami, Fla., at my godmother’s house. The proposal took place during Thanksgiving weekend and he tells me it took approximately 4 months to plan. Eric gathered all of my closest friends and family under one roof for this amazing night. Now this was all to my surprise. I was under the impression that all my friends just happened to show up to celebrate my accomplishments and smooth transition to Baltimore, where I relocated to be with Eric. I shortly found out that this “special party” would change my life forever.

We tied the knot on June 24, 2016, in Florida and are happy newlyweds with our PomChi “Chance,” who of course joined us in our downtown Fort Lauderdale engagement session wearing his Sunday’s best.—Lavell


Photos: Innovative Arts Photography