Andy and I started off as good friends for a few years before we started dating. When the timing aligned and we were both in the position to pursue a relationship with each other, we fell in fast and serious love.

On our one year anniversary weekend, we were preparing to move into our new place, something we were both excited about. Andy had gone there from work early to, I thought, finish painting the bedroom which was the final room to paint before we moved in a few days later.

I finished work a few hours later and went to meet her at the new apartment. She seemed a bit nervous, and I figured she was hoping I would like the colors and all of the work she had put in in the previous days. I walked into the apartment and first went into the kitchen and living room to admire the paint. When I went back to the hallway, which the front door was blocking while I was entering, I saw that the whole hall had candles and flower petals leading into the bedroom. She lead me into our new room. On the main wall, she had painted “Laura, will you marry me?” in a beautiful mural-style art piece and the whole bedroom was covered in candles and flowers. I was totally shocked.

She got down on one knee, pulled out a family ring she had procured from my mum and asked if I would say yes to us spending our lives together. I started really ugly-crying at this point, said YES, and I’ve never regretted it. Both of us being queer, the love we share is different, because we, and those before us, have had to and continue to fight for our equal rights and safety. There’s no one I could be prouder to share and show my love to.

From one half of the couple, Laura

Vendor Credits

Photography: Emily Jean Photography
Venue: Scotsdale Farm