As if getting to spend the rest of your life with your best friend isn’t awesome enough, getting married means you get to register for all kinds of gifts you’ve been wanting. Creating your registry is an exciting time, but asking for gifts can be difficult and knowing the right time to share your registry with guests can be hard. Follow these wedding registry etiquette tips and registering will be a breeze.

Register early

As if you needed another reason to get a head start on making your wishlist, giving guests ample time to shop comes with multiple perks. First, it means having the opportunity to receive registry gifts at your engagement party or shower. It also gives budget conscious guests an early crack at the lower priced items and allows time for friends and family to connect with other guests who might be willing to split the cost on more expensive gifts such as pot and pan sets.

Add extra items to your registry

This might sound greedy, but it’s not. You want guests to have options to choose from and it should never be assumed that all of the items on your registry will be purchased. There should also be enough gifts available for the wedding if several get snatched up early for the wedding shower. Also include gifts of varying prices. That’s not to say that everything needs to be inexpensive, but don’t fill your registry with appliances that cost hundreds of dollars and skip the lower priced items such as towels or soap dishes.

Don’t expect gifts

Gifts are nice and guests almost always bring them to a wedding, but they should never be expected. Remember that attending your wedding is already an expense for everyone once you add up transportation, attire, overnight accommodations, etc. Adding a gift to that budget might make the price tag too high for some guests to attend. If not receiving a gift  bothers you, decide if the gift or their presence at your wedding is more important.


If you already live together or feel you have everything you need, don’t forgo the registry. Guests will still want to buy gifts, especially those who are not a fan of just giving cash, so provide options. Find items in your home that might be nearing their expiration, such as older appliances, and register for replacements. Register for the television you’ve been contemplating putting in your bedroom. Upgrade your handmixer for a Kitchen Aide. Or skip the extensive gift list and put your guests’ desire to shower you in gifts towards supporting your favorite charities.

Think toward the future

You may not need much now, but think ahead. Hosting a family get-together may seem impossible in your current living space, but down the line if you plan to live in a larger home or have children, an extra set of dishes or a larger serving bowl will come in handy.

Share your registry appropriately

Your guests will most likely want to know where you are registered but that does not mean you should print it on your invitation. “Don’t worry that your guests won’t find your registry,” shares Equally Wed co-founder Kirsten Palladino. “If they want to buy a gift for you, they will seek out your registry information.”