Wedding registry alternatives

The traditional wedding registry from your favorite store is not an idea that appeals to everyone. Maybe you aren’t interested in the standard store-bought gift, or perhaps you’ve been living together from quite some time and don’t need another set of pots, pans or fancy silverware. There are a wide variety of wedding registry alternatives to choose from, and ideas can be mixed and matched, meaning you can still ask guests for those few items you still want for your home, as well as a contribution to something else. 


You gave family and friends a great party for your wedding day, let them return the favor by giving you money for your own great party, your honeymoon. Tell guests where you are going and share the story of why you picked this destination and why it is special to you. There are many online registry programs that allow guests to give money to go directly toward your honeymoon fund. Any money left over in your can be put towards your next trip or spent to do a fun activity on your vacation you might not have been able to afford otherwise.


If you and your partner have a charity you are passionate about or spend a lot of time volunteering at, give guests the option on your registry of making a donation in your name. Family and friends may also want to buy you something special to have a physical gift to give you as well. Be sure to let guests know if you choose a tax deductible charity, as they may be willing to give more money since it can be used as a tax write-off.

Gift cards

Couples who receive money for their wedding often save it for the future, and don’t take any of it to spend on themselves. By asking for gift cards to your favorite restaurants or stores, you are allocating your funds while still allowing it to be spent on yourself. Gift cards are an excellent gift to your future selves whether you ask for cards to your local grocery store or date night location.  Just be sure to check any expiration dates on them so they do not go to waste. 

Sentimental gifts

The people you invite to your wedding are on your guest list for a reason, they mean something to you. Ask guests to bring you a gift that has a special meaning to them such as their favorite book, recipe or trinket. This can be tied into your wedding favors by giving everyone something that means a lot to you and your partner. You’ll be surprised to see all the wonderful things you are given, and they will fill your home with stories you can tell visitors for the rest of your lives.

Box subscriptions

From fresh ingredients for making dinner to cosmetics and clothing to pet supplies, monthly box subscriptions are all the rage right now. If you love cooking together, want the latest new trend delivered to your door or want your puppy to have everything it ever needed, ask guests to get you a subscription to your favorite box services. 

Buying a house

Guests can be more willing to give cash gifts if they know what it is going toward. Ask guests to make a down payment to your future by contributing to your house fund. Be sure to send them your usual wedding gift thank you card, but also a photo of you at your new home once you have moved in. Family and friends will love seeing how happy you are and knowing that they were able to contribute to your future together.