You’re feeling ready to ask your significant other to marry you, but now you’re faced with another monumental question: How should you do it? If you’re into simple and classic traditions, you probably aren’t too worried about how to do it, you just need to decide on details like where and when. But if you know your partner would be seriously wowed by a unique proposal, here are some ideas that will get you inspired.

During a scavenger hunt.

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Craft a scavenger hunt that’s thematic to your relationship, and have the final question be, “Will you marry me?” or drop down on one knee when your partner has figured out the last clue.

With a ritual that means something to both of you.

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If you and/or your partner are religious, you can work in your beliefs. Or you might both be really into Burning Man and want to incorporate your connection to nature into how you ask. Your definition of ritual is totally up to you!

With help from furry friends.

Nothing says, “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?” like a new pet (if you and your partner are ready for one and have talked about it already!) or enlisting help from an animal you already love.

In a beautiful location.

This couple lived their dream proposal in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris two grooms black tie tuxedos bow ties France engagement
Photo via “This couple lived their dream proposal in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

Instead of going somewhere you and your partner frequently visit to pop the question, you could choose a truly spectacular view, such as the top of a mountain. It helps if you pick somewhere that’s already on your significant other’s bucket list.

With a song-and-dance number.

This proposal will require a lot of effort to plan, so it’s not the best idea if you’re looking to propose next week. But you could even orchestrate a flash mob with the intention of asking your partner to marry you at the end. For this one, we highly recommend you make sure the proposal is filmed because you’re going to want to show people this.

In an escape room.

Are you both super into escape rooms? You could try and design your own or find a way to include popping the question the next time the two of you sign up for one. Some escape rooms are happy to help out with your special moment, so it’s worth researching the best options in your area and talking to the staff about your options.

With a love letter.

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Everyone enjoys an old-fashioned love letter, right? Depending on your partner’s interests, you could break out antique paper and write it with a quill and ink, or you could go full middle-school-style and use notebook paper and a blue ballpoint pen (and lots of heart doodles). You could even publish it somewhere (like a newspaper, magazine, website, or in the dedication of a book) for your significant other to read—and seriously swoon over.

Including all your loved ones.

If your partner would just love to be surrounded by your closest people to celebrate after the proposal, you might want to set it up so that all your closest loved ones are part of the big moment. Maybe they’re all hiding nearby, or maybe you’re going to ask in front of everyone—that will depend on you and your partner’s preferences—but it’s a great idea to get them involved for a truly memorable occasion.