Selecting wine to serve at your wedding is no easy feat. There’s varietals aplenty and making sense of pairing it with whatever fine fare you’re serving your guests at the reception can be daunting if you’ve never done it, especially on such a grand scale. And what about the wine labels themselves? Some are downright gorgeous, sure. But do you connect with them for your own wedding? The wedding trend I’ve seen increase tenfold year after year is personalization. Couples love personalizing their weddings, and for good reason! You’re the ones getting married, so the ceremony and reception should be utterly and completely about the two of you, where you come from and where you’re going.

Life is Grand Wines, wedding wines with special celebratory labels

Janet DeMarco Life is Grand WinesJanet DeMarco (pictured at left) felt the same way when she was planning her wedding to Nick. They were shopping for wines for their wedding and what she discovered surprised her. “I was amazed that with the thousands of labels there were, none were wedding related,” she says. “We ended up settling for two wines that weren’t quite what we wanted. I really saw an opportunity there. I decided that if I couldn’t find it, I’d make it!”

DeMarco and her now-husband launched Life is Grand Wines in December 2017. DeMarco partnered with well-established and award-winning wineries in California’s central coast, lauded for its sunshine, unique soil, and healthy, rich, ripe grapes to create the Life is Grand Wines, which include Marrying My Best Friend, an unoaked chardonnay with tropical fruit, peach and melon aromas; Love of My Life, a cabernet sauvignon that boasts a rich deep color with ripe berry aromas and blackberry with pepper notes, moderate tannins and a lush mouthfeel with a toasty finish; and We Did It!, a dry brut sparkling wine with a light golden color and a lovely effervescence and filled with aromas of green apple, nectarine with biscuit and a refreshing fruity flavor with a yeasty nuance. Click here for advice on how to pair wine with wedding reception fare. 

Life is Grand Wines, a wedding wine with special celebratory labels

The specialty labels are celebratory in nature, making them a natural winner for gracing the tables at your wedding, shower or party. DeMarco is an ally to the LGBTQ+ community and the wedding equality movement. As someone with multiple family members who identify as LGBTQ+, she says, “I learned at an early age that we are all equal and should be treated as such. This belief is at the core of my being. The LGBTQ+ community has been through hell and high water to secure the right to marry. What many take for granted, the LGBTQ+ community cannot. I believe passionately that people should have the right to marry the person they want to, without restrictive laws and judgment. I deliberately designed my slogans and labels with the LGBTQ community in mind. I wanted labels that were gender neutral and reflected my belief that equality should be universal through all spectrums of our society.”

Life is Grand Wines, a wedding wine with celebratory labels

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