Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just a few of the dates on the no-no list for scheduling a wedding. Also on the top of that list? The Super Bowl. It’s not often that couples schedule their nuptials for a date when most guests already have plans to be glued to their televisions, but there can be upsides to choosing this date as well. Debating tying the knot at the same time as the game? We’ve weighed the pros and cons.

Discounts – Touchdown!

Planning your wedding on an unpopular date means that many vendors are not booked and are looking for business to bring in some money that weekend. It never hurts to ask for a discount since the venue or other vendors might otherwise have no work that day.

Football theme – Touchdown!

If you’re a football fanatic, or have a team you’ll cheer on until the end of time, show your loyalty with a football-themed wedding. Divide your sides at the ceremony between teams, serve Super Bowl party snack appetizers or wear your team colors down the aisle. Only one of you a football fan? Sounds like the perfect excuse for a half and half cake!

Image via “Today”

Availability – Touchdown!

Since Super Bowl Sunday is a date that most people steer clear of, that means there is a wide array of venues to choose from, and little to no competition to beat out when it comes to couples also vying for that date. Photographers will not have weddings on the calendar.

Availability – Fumble!

Hold on! Didn’t we just say that there would be a lot of availability? We did. And there will be when it comes to certain venues (ones that will not be getting requests for Super Bowl parties). But wedding vendors often overlap with the event industry, meaning they will be busy working Super Bowl parties. Catering companies are going to be swamped with party orders. And vendor employees are people too. The band you have your heart set on might not have a gig that night, but it might be because they want the night off to watch the main event.

Disinterested guests – Fumble!

Depending on their loyalty to the big game, some guests may turn down your invitation. If they do attend, they’ll most likely peek at the game at least once. Chances are your guests’ heads will be elsewhere, most likely looking down at their phones. No one wants a rowdy fan to accidentally shout “touch down!” just as you’re saying, “I do.” Be prepared that you may find guests hiding out in the bathroom or huddled around a hidden television at your venue trying to catch a glimpse of the score, the notorious commercials or the ever popular half-time performance. If having guests’ undivided attention is at the top of your want list, skip the Super Bowl wedding date, or meet them halfway and set up a television screen with a stream of the game during your reception so people can catch all the action from the dance floor.

Costs – Fumble!

Asking guests to travel on such a busy weekend can come with high price tags. If your venue is located anywhere near where the game is being held or where the teams are from, flight costs may go up, lodging will be scarce and traffic will be a nightmare. You won’t know who is playing far enough in advance to plan around the home teams, but definitely do your research to make sure your venue isn’t down the street from the stadium.

What are your thoughts on a Super Bowl wedding date? Touchdown or fumble?