Nothing can throw a wrench in your wedding plans quite like the courthouse closing early on the day you plan to tie the knot. For Chris and Josh that hiccup caused no problem, and the couple relocated their ceremony to their backyard. The newlyweds followed the celebration with a reception the next day in the backyard. Under a large tent, the backyard wedding was decorated with hues of blue and green. All guests received green sunglasses as favors.

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Cake with simple green and blue piping was served on green plates. Josh and Chris celebrated the day in green and blue bow ties. Beer was on tap to toast to the day, and Chris and Josh shared their love for one another on the dance floor.

From the photographer, Rachel Whitehurst:  I cried a lot at this wedding. Like a lot. You would think that being a wedding photographer means that you get used to it, but you don’t. I felt this one deeply for a million reasons. Because I went to kindergarten with Josh and still remember playing tag on the playground. Because when I met Chris for the first time, he hugged me like he already loved me. Because after 12 years of love, they deserve marriage.

When the courthouse unexpectedly closed on their wedding date, Josh and Chris invited their closest friends and family to their home for the ceremony. They celebrated the next day with a backyard reception full of drinks, amazing barbecue, dancing, and JOY.

Weddings like this remind me of why I’m a photographer. I see what makes these two perfect for each other, and I want to share it with the world.


Photographer: Adventure Photo Stories
Caterer: Nelson’s BBQ

Submitted via Two Bright Lights