Kaylee and Brittany’s outdoor Disney-themed wedding

Our wedding was so surreal. I’m sure every bride says that, but now I know what they mean. It was truly a dream…and a dream come true. From the moment I awoke, in fact, my day was a beautiful, hazy dream. My closest friends, my mother and sister and I got ready at The Grandview Gardens Bed and Breakfast in West Palm Beach, Florida. Everyone was a flurry of excitement and anticipation, including the wonderful owners of the B&B. The day was gorgeous and full of hope.

I remember the day not moving fast enough. From getting our hair done by our long-time Salon Mystique, Renee line, to beautifying my face with makeup by June Bissen (both from Salon Cosmetica), it seemed like forever and a day. But, when Krystal Zaskey walked through the door of our room, the day quickly started to take shape. My mother and dearest friends helped me into my dress, purchased from Bacio Bacio in Wellington, Florida. The tiny details I worked so hard on for months, finally started appearing. The hidden Mickey in my veil, earrings, and garter was only just the start of my dream finally coming true.

Before I knew it, I was being hustled out of the car and into the Palm Beach Zoo. With a nervous but light-hearted step, I traveled to the bridge where I would have my first look. As much of the day being as dream-like as it was, I will never forget my first look. It was made all the more memorable when Krystal played Brittany and I’s song, One Direction’s “Little Things”, as I walked toward the opposite side of the bridge to meet my future wife. “I’m in love with you/ and all your little things” whispered in the beat of my heart as Brittany turned to look at me for the first time; and in that moment, all of my nerves slipped away as we drank in the sight of each other.

Before long, we were lining up to make our grand walk down the aisle to “The Circle of Life” from the Lion King. Our ceremony was more perfect than I could have imagined. Its uniqueness is still mentioned by our friends and family today. We made our vows in front of two topiaries decorated by white flowers in the shape of the well-recognized Mickey Mouse ears. As we kissed, the fountain behind us shot up, much like our beloved Disney’s fireworks do behind Cinderella’s Castle.

As our friends and family left to enjoy our cocktail hour, endowed by some of the wonderful creatures at the zoo (and more Disney-esque fantasy), Brittany and I were able to enjoy a few moments together on the carousel and among some of the stunning scenery that the zoo has to offer.

We made our entrance to the reception to “Hakuna Matata” and danced our first dance to “Love will Find a Way,” both from Disney’s The Lion King. My father and I danced to “Tale as Old as Time” from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, as that was the song in which my father would rock me to sleep; and Brittany and her mother danced to “You’ll be in my Heart” from Disney’s Tarzan.

If you didn’t think our wedding was Disney-fied enough, then you would once you saw our reception. Each table was decorated to tell one of the many Disney love stories. From “The Lion King,” to “Sleeping Beauty,” to “Pocahontas” and “Lady and the Tramp,” our favorite stories shed some light into the kind of love Brittany and I share. We worked very hard for months, alongside our friends and families, to create our book centerpieces and collect memorabilia reminiscent of each of the stories. Even “Be Our Guest” from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast played as our guests’ dinner was being served. Our cake was made by the lovely and creative Beth Townsend, featured on Cake Wars, and of course, enveloped our love of Disney. All in all, our wedding was a magical, yet surreal, night. It was truly, as Disney would say, “A Dream Come True.”

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Photographer: Krystal Zaskey Photography
Apparel: Bacio Bacio Bridal
DJ: Kenny Mondo Productions
Event Planner: Petite Party Planners
Hair Stylist: Salon Cosmetica
Event Venue: Palm Beach Zoo

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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