Apple just released their latest iPhone and while we’re all for them using the hype of the announcement to support marriage equality in Australia, we are not about the new price. Landing in the hands of texters on November 3, the iPhone X features a 5.8‑inch Super Retina screen, a one million to one contrast ratio, Face ID, water resistance… and a starting price tag of $999. If you love the latest technology, you might be planning to get one, but if you’re planning a wedding you might want to think twice before shelling out those big bucks. That $999 can cross several items off your wedding budget list. Don’t believe us? Here’s just some of what you can get for the price of that iPhone.


If you are opting to walk down the aisle carrying a bouquet, investing in a seasonal, fresh flower bouquet won’t break the bank. This bouquet from The Bouqs Co. is the perfect size for carrying down the aisle. All flowers are ethically sourced, and it won’t even cost you a tenth of an iPhone X, ringing in at only $70. Now think of how many table centerpieces you could get along with it!

Photo of Poetic Bouquet via The Bouqs Co.

Pre-wedding primping

Hair, makeup, manicures, pedicures, facials, massages and more are all treatments that marriers might indulge in on or before the big day. Each of those to-do list items can be checked off, by a professional, for less than the price of an iPhone X. In fact, your whole wedding party might be able to get hair and makeup done with you for that price. According to The Knot’s 2016 Real Weddings Study, the national average for hair and makeup combined is $219.

Teal and white wedding at California winery
Photo via “Teal and white wedding at California winery” on Equally Wed


Underwear, bras, garters, socks, lingerie, shapewear, whatever you choose to wear under your wedding day look, you can get it for a reasonable pricetag, like these boxers from TomboyX that are just $31 and can be worn for more than just your wedding day.

Valentine's Day gifts boxers red hearts Tomboyx
Photo via “Founder’s Favorites” on Equally Wed


Rent a stylish tuxedo with costs averaging in the $200 range, or a bit more if you are going for a designer style. Renting can save you money but buying doesn’t have to set you back either. Buy a dress (and try it on at home) from wedding and formal wear company Azazie. Every dress is made to order and under $500. This gorgeous Azazie wedding dress is under $200!

Photo via Azazie

Table numbers

If your wedding is going to have assigned seating, table numbers are a must to help guests identify their place. Custom-designed table numbers can start for as low as $10/number, like these from Eliza Gwendalyn, and are created just for you based on your style and wedding theme. Can you say the same about your iPhone?

Table numbers by Eliza Gwendalyn


What’s a wedding ceremony if there’s no one to officiate it? Hire this critical component of your wedding day for anywhere between $100 and $800 based on experience and style. No matter the cost, it’s still less than the price of an iPhone X and unfortunately, Siri still doesn’t have the power to officiate your wedding, yet. Looking for an equality-minded wedding officiant? Check out Equally Wed’s equality-minded vendors.

Photo via Elope in Austin on Equally Wed

These are just a few examples of the wedding planning costs that can be covered by the price of the latest iPhone. Feeling overwhelmed by these numbers and looking for budgeting tools? You can use ours, for free! Wedding planning tools are available here.

Cover photo via Quartz