It was truly an inspirational experience to witness Sallye and Jess’ celebration of love. It is beyond amazing how two people can fit together so beautifully, artfully, perfectly. The Universe works in mysterious ways. These brilliant Goddesses know exactly what they want (in every aspect of life), and their gorgeous destination wedding at Jellyfish Restaurant in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic was no exception.

“For me, it was really exciting to see how the venue came together the way I envisioned (which it did),” says Sallye. “To Jess, the fun part was figuring the right color combinations to create cohesiveness within the bridal party without knowing a thing about my dress.”

Sallye and Jess are originally from West Texas and Dublin, Ireland, but now happily reside in Dallas, Texas. Although they attended law school at the same time, their ‘meet cute’ wasn’t in the cards until years later through mutual friends.

Jess adds, ”we had many mutual friends, surprising that we didn’t meet before we did – but once we met, she was hard to forget!”

These sweethearts tied the knot on February 4, 2017, in front of 50 of their closest friends and relatives during one of those amazing Punta Cana signature sunsets. They chose beautiful calla lilies and orchids as part of their decor, and they first dance as Mrs. and Mrs. to “She’s Everything” by Brad Paisley.

When asked if they had any regrets.

”I would’ve stressed less about how it would look once we got there….would’ve been impossible to not be concerned, but the Jellyfish decorators nailed it.”

They add, ”Hard Rock was an awesome place to stay, gorgeous rooms… zero complaints from our guests about anything there. I would suggest asking them what conventions might be at the resort at the time of (the wedding trip). Katya Nova – Hands down best photographer we could have dreamed of.”

Their advice for future brides getting married in Punta Cana and or Jellyfish is simply to not feel out of place if you’re a same sex couple.

“A. It’s your day, not anyone else’s and B. I promise no one cares nearly as much as you think they would…Don’t cut things like the first dance because you think it will be different (we almost did and I am very happy I was talked back into it).”

What inspired your colour palette/decorations/any DIY elements/any unique details or traditions?

“We are both pretty clean and modern, but since Jess is the picky one when it comes to clothing she gets all the credit for the palette overall and making the call on working grey and silvers in with it when I absolutely said it would not go.”

-From the photographer, Katya Nova

LGBTQ-friendly wedding vendors

Photographer: Katya Nova Photography
Cinema and Video: Cores Films
Event Venue: Jellyfish Restaurant
Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo

Submitted via Two Bright Lights
equality-minded LGBTQ-friendly wedding vendors