Opt for one or more of these earthy elements to show your love of nature

[dropcap letter=”U”]sing succulents is a handsome way to bring natural elements into the look and feel of your wedding day. Whether you mix it with classic decor to add a touch of modern or incorporate it into an outdoor affair to create a rustic vibe, succulents add earthy flare. They’re especially appealing for a two-groom wedding or for any couple who doesn’t want an overtly feminine wedding.


“Using succulents is a great way to keep you wedding going long after it’s over,” said Liz Gudmundsson, owner of Adaptation Floral Design, located in the Old Fourth Ward. “Any cut succulents used in the wedding will begin to root within a week, just leave them out—free of any tape or wire used—and wait. Once they have a good amount of root growth just plant them in some soil and watch them grow!”



Photos by Liz Gudmundsson | Adaptation Floral Design, 316 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30307, 404.577.1910

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