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Wedding Dress Up Alternatives: Joanna August’s New Collection 

Wedding day styles have been lacking for the alternative brides who prefer edgy styles for her Boho wedding or a flowing skirt paired with a silky tank to complete her woodland flower hippie wedding narrative. Luckily, Joanna August’s newest collection of beautiful, wearable styles for life and love solves the problem for the bride who wants to step out of the typical bridal box.

In Bloom

My love, my love, my love 

Editor-in-Chief KirstenPalladino’s blog: Same Love hits me hard right in the chest, in a good way, in a loving way, and in an angry way. It’s a love ballad that I sing along with Mary Lambert to my wife (in the car, even when wifey isn’t around). I belt it out with tears in my eyes, My love, my love, my love, she keeps me warm. And I can’t change, even if I wanted to.