Think back to the birthday parties of your childhood. The best kid parties always seem to have a bounce house. And who says kids should get all the fun? Enter in the wedding bounce house, the answer to all your entertainment needs.

Wedding bounce houses are that perfect “something” to make your wedding stand out. What guest could forget the wedding that had a bounce house? These are tons of fun for adults and even more fun for weddings that will also have kids in attendance that you aren’t sure how to entertain. In addition to having a blast at your reception, these bounce houses are fun for showers and bach parties.

Currently, they’re only available in the United Kingdom thanks to a unique rental company called A Wedded Wonderland. Due to their popularity though we wouldn’t be surprised if they made their way around the globe in no time. Decorate them with flowers, colorful decorations, garland and more to dress them up or tie them into your wedding theme.

“Stunning white bouncy castles, beautifully decorated to a design of your choice,” A Wedded Wonderland rightfully boasts on their website. “These castles provide hours of fun for adults and children while also providing a quirky backdrop for wedding photos.”

If you’re lucky enough to attend a wedding with a bounce house it should go without saying but be sure to slip your high heels off before stepping into one of these castles. Being the one to deflate the fun would be a major party foul. So would throwing up in the bounce house. We recommend you schedule your inflatable wedding palace for earlier in the day, ideally before the open bar kicks into high gear. A stomach full of liquor and a lot of jumping don’t mix well.