Sage House Studio

Silver Spring, MD, USA
8100 Mayor Lane Silver Spring Maryland 20910 US

In an industry that is flooded with “professional photographers” that bought their titles, it is important to stand above. Carefully honing the craft to become a real professional photographer takes work—work that Sage House Studio has put in. Offering the highest quality images and service to their customers. It is our goal to create wedding photography that provides legitimacy in a saturated field and give wedding couples the memories they deserve from photographers who care.

Our photography is sophisticated but not stuffy. Timeless yet fresh. It has an emotional connection. We believe in the love our clients share. We believe they are worth it. We are perfectionists. We are artists. We will work hard for your wedding but make it easy for you. We are wedding photographers that you can trust with your most special day. Welcome to Sage House.

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