The Art of Etiquette

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Philadelphia, PA, USA
1501 Market Street Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19102 US

Live Your Story. Speak Your Love. 

The Art of Etiquette creates vow books and keepsakes for life’s big days. We believe every love story is unique. We celebrate yours by empowering you to write your vows—on your own terms, in your own words—in beautifully-bound mini books and with the help of our vow-writing services. 

To us, there’s nothing more important than feeling truly seen in your wedding vows. The words and promises you and your partner will live by should be a reflection of all that makes your union beautiful. As a certified LGBTQ+ inclusive vendor, we are intentional about crafting products and services that will help rewrite the narrative of our industry into one that embraces all identities and gender spectrums. 

We believe language and messaging matter, so we turn ours into action by creating welcoming spaces. Each blank page in our books is an invitation for you to be your own storyteller. There are lines on the page, but no rules. There are thoughtfully-curated quotes as inspiration, but the meaning and how you choose to define it are entirely up to you.


A New Tradition

To us, the notion of etiquette is not about tradition or decorum. It is simply about kindness. Taking the time to write your own vows is a gesture of thoughtfulness. It tells the person you love that one-size-doesn’t-fit-all. That you’re willing to endure even messy first drafts and writer’s block if it means expressing your true feelings in front of them and all your loved ones. 

Our books even have tiny paper pockets for you to write a first anniversary letter (to be opened in the future)! Years later, when you look back on this day, you’ll have a keepsake of your words and promises. And you’ll have created your own personal traditions, together. 


Perfectly Imperfect

People often tell us that our vow books are so beautiful, they’re almost afraid to write in them. But your vows don’t have to be perfect. In fact, we encourage couples to relish in all the little imperfections that make their relationship unique. Maybe it’s an inside joke, or a shared memory. Maybe sweet and sentimental isn’t your style but fun and heartfelt is. 

In every set of vow books, you’ll find a vow-writing booklet full of prompts, tips and questions designed to help get the words flowing. We also include practice sheets so you can feel things out on paper before writing them in your book. Embrace the journey and remember there’s no right or wrong way to write your own vows. Love is love and we’re here to celebrate yours one page at a time.

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