Whether you’re attending a wedding or getting married you’re going to want these life savers on your “to get asap” list. Avoid any fashion faux pas with these must-have wedding fashion hacks.


Dress Weights™

Dresses and wind don’t mix. Avoid any accidental Marilyn Monroe moments with Dress Weights™ by DressStrong™. These tiny saviors stick onto the hem of your dress to hold it down when the wind comes blowing. They’re reusable, meaning you can survive wedding season with just one set. Wear them for your engagement shoot or simply a day out with friends to ensure you don’t suffer any wardrobe malfunctions.

Skip the blisters

Wearing a new pair of special occasion shoes comes with a risk. If you bought them just to match an outfit chances are they won’t be broken in or really be all that comfortable.  To stop chafing and irritation from bringing you down rub Blister Blocker by Solemates on your feet to skip the pain and focus solely on tearing up the dance floor.

Keep your neckline up

Prevent the dreaded nip-slip with Fashion Tape. Keep a strapless dress up, save a falling hemline on the fly and stop button-up shirts from gapping.

No more heel sinking

Hitting an outdoor wedding in heels? Avoid the struggle of sinking into the grass as you walk by sliding on a pair of High Heel Stoppers by Solemates. They’ll provide a wider base to help avoid your heels from getting stuck in the cracks of the sidewalk or sinking into mud.

Go to the bathroom, hands-free!

If you’re the one tying the knot in a dress, we’ve got your answer to “how am I going to go to the bathroom in this thing?” Wear the Bridal Buddy under your dress. The lightweight slip doubles as a wearable bag that will hold your dress up. Look ma, no hands!