Style versus comfort. That seems to be what the debate comes down to when choosing between heels or flats for your wedding day footwear. It can be a tough decision to make, and it’s not one you can wait on if you plan on wearing clothes that require alterations. Hemlines will be effected by whether you are going to be flat or five inches off the ground. So how do you decide?


Heels are often associated with being “fancy.” The go-to shoe for dressing up, heels come in so many gorgeous styles and colors. Associated with big events such as weddings and parties, the opportunity to wear high heels does not present itself as frequently as the opportunity to wear flats. Show off your feet, and perhaps a fresh pedicure, with a pair of heels for your walk down the aisle. Get heels that are supportive so you are as comfortable as can be, and be sure to practice walking to break them in and get adjusted to their height. Heels do not need to be tall to be stylish. If a six inch stiletto is not for you but you want a bit of height, go for a wedge or one inch heel to give you the lift you are looking for.

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Flat shoes

Comfort can still be cute. Flat shoes are a great route to go if you are not experienced in walking in heels, do not like the look of them or do not feel comfortable wearing a tall shoe. Not every couple chooses to hike a cliff in heels to take photos before their wedding. Opt for a ballet flat or sneaker to provide maximum comfort. Have a shoe custom-designed or decorated for your wedding day if you want to buy something new for the big day. Choose shoes you love and wear them again and again after the wedding is over.

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The solution?

Choose what makes you happy, but have a back up. If heels are your fashion statement of choice, have a pair of flats or sneakers on hand. Can’t decide between the two? Wear one pair of shoes for the ceremony and one for the reception. Assign a wedding attendant or family member to be in charge of your extra shoes and other essentials, such as bandages for blisters, if the need arises.

Guests may also be having this same dilemma as they get ready to attend your wedding.  Be their saving grace by having a basket of flip flops available for them to slip on when their feet just need a pair of dancing shoes. This can be a budget-friendly favor if you leave the tags on  for guests to remove themselves and return any flip flops that were not taken.

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