Planning a wedding can seem like an endless to-do list. Easy tasks can also be the most time-consuming and take away from other valuable planning that needs to be done. Mundane to-dos can be fun when you round up your crew, break open a bottle of wine and cross items off your list. Not sure what your friends and family can help with? Here are a few ideas to lighten your load while also spending time with loved ones you might not be spending as much time with as wedding planning consumes your life.

Stuffing envelopes

Get your invitations out on time with the help of your friends. Wedding information, RSVP cards and more will need to be assembled to create your invitation suite. Host an invitation stuffing party and significantly cut down on the amount of time it takes to send out your invites.

Assembling favors

Tying bows on boxes or sticking custom labels to bottles, whatever needs to be done to complete your favors is always more fun with friends. Invite your attendants over a craft night and cross one more task off your list.

DIY projects

Spray painting centerpieces, hand lettering table cards or assembling floral arrangements. Choosing to create your own decor or other wedding must-haves can do wonders for your budget but can wreak havoc on your time. Save time with the help of your family, friends and especially your spouse-to-be.

Choosing your attire

People don’t bring their entourages with them on “Say Yes to the Dress” for no reason. Enlist your family and friends to give you a second opinion as you go shopping for your wedding day look. Be sure to choose people whose opinions you value. If you know your aunt is notorious for bluntly speaking her mind but you don’t want to hear it, maybe she isn’t the best person to invite along. Bring the people you know will provide you support and an honest opinion.