Romantic photoshoots aren’t just for engaged or married people! More and more couples and throuples are choosing to seize the opportunity to commemorate their relationship with loveshoots or love photo sessions. Hiring a professional photographer for your love session is an easy and memorable way to capture those emotive moments that will last forever.

Adrianna and Bri traveled from California to host a destination reception in Detroit. To celebrate their love they had an edgy and urban love shoot the day after their reception, which was captured in multiple locations around the city. Photo: Heidi Uhlman Published on Equally Wed, the leading LGBTQ+ wedding magazine
Image by Heidi Uhlman

Why hire a professional?

Photographers specialize in capturing people in their element, so let them take you outside your comfort zone and challenge what you thought was possible. They can offer creative poses and angles, allowing for photos that narrate your love story. Whether your ideal loveshoot looks like relaxing in nature or exploring a new city together, there’s no better way to document memories than with stunning professional visuals. With beautiful light, gorgeous backdrops and the authenticity of being yourselves, you’ll be glad you chose a pro to guide you through the day.

Professional photographers offer a creative eye that will capture the perfect shot like no one else could, ensuring that all of the details and emotions of your love session are captured with high-quality equipment. Not only do you get beautiful photos, but an experienced photographer will ensure the experience of taking them is just as enjoyable. Additionally, having a professional photographer present allows both partners to focus on each other, without worrying about taking photos themselves.

Image by Summit and Sur Photography

Customize your session

Loveshoots provide a chance to celebrate quirky or surprising elements of your relationship–without the pressure of meeting any expectations that come with engagement or wedding photos. Bring your favorite activities to life for your session, playing games or dressing in cosplay that means something to you and your partner. This is your chance to get creative, include inside jokes and even bring along your pets. Make the most of your creative freedom and don’t be afraid to do something totally original.

Just because plant shop photo session with rainbow wall celebrates love and a new puppy | Paige Brittany Photography | Featured on Equally Wed, the leading LGBTQ+ wedding magazine
Image by Paige Brittany Photography

Plan a loveshoot for your vacation

You can, of course, schedule a loveshoot any time you please, but vacation is the perfect opportunity to plan a special time for a couple’s session. Relive those holiday moments for years to come by hiring a professional photographer to bring your vision to life. With memories that last forever, it’s worth every penny! If you’re heading off on vacation this year, don’t forget to book an LGBTQ+ inclusive and affirming photographer to guide you through your dream session.

Find LGBTQ+ inclusive and affirming photographers for your loveshoot.

Featured image by Katie Dawn Photo