Two Views on Same-Sex Marriage in Atlanta, Georgia – VIDEO



Equally Wed is headquartered in Georgia, a state that is lacking in marriage equality. We live in a state where we can still be fired for being gay. Where we live, my wife and I are often asked if we need one check or two. When my wife and I had our children, she had to jump through many slippery legal hoops to adopt her own children — and we happen to live in one of three counties where second-parent adoption is obtainable for same-sex couples in Georgia. It’s not easy being gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer or transgender in Georgia.

One of the biggest challenges we’re up against here in the south is people using religion as an excuse to fight marriage equality. Our local newspaper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, produced a video to showcase two different viewpoints on same-sex marriage from local Atlantans, Sheila Merritt of East Point and Rev. Winston Taylor.


Sheila Merritt of East Point, Ga. and Rev. Winston Taylor of Atlanta share their viewpoints on same-sex marriage and the expected ruling from the Supreme Court on marriage equality.


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Video by Branden Camp and Bob Andres,; photo from



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  • Robbie Parson says:

    the thing that irritates me the most is that nobody is saying that those religious who are using their religion go against same sex marriage are pretty much saying their beliefs are the only beliefs allowed and that they want to force their religion on us. seperation of church and state and almost all of these laws against the lgbtq community are based on Christian beliefs. my beliefs are being infringed upon i am not christian what so ever and yet they think they can deny me that because their religion says its wrong. give me one none religious reason against same sex marriage

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