Choosing the perfect wedding manicure can be a tough decision. Subtle or bold? Traditional or trendy? Pastel or bold? How do you choose? If you’re looking for a style that will make a statement and dress up your look, these 2018 manicure trends are for you!

Simple Designs

If a single color is too low-key but a patterned design is too much, dress your look up with something as simple as a singular polka dot, fleck of glitter or small gold foil design.

2018 manicure trends
Photo via @julieknailsnyc on Instagram


Colored French

Put a spin on the traditional white and cream French manicure style by infusing some color. Replace the white tip with a color, replace the cream base with a color or both! Take the French style and brighten it up with the color(s) of your choice.

2018 manicure trends
Photo via Stylish Tips


Reverse French

You read that right. Take the classic French manicure, and turn it around. Treat your cuticle like the tip of your nail and add your strip, whether it be the traditional white or a color, to create the reverse look.

2018 manicure trends
Photo via The Today Show



The design that never goes out of style, metallic colors are a great go-to choice. Available in the traditional gold, silver and rose gold as well as shimmery versions of your favorite color. Pick a hue to match your attire, go with the color scheme of your wedding or just pick your favorite color (nothing is required to match).

2018 manicure trends
Image via @jamberry on Instagram


Geometric patterns

We love geometric designs, whether they’re in your wedding decor, on your geometric cake or decorating your nails. Choose your favorite pattern or shape and paint it to life.

2018 manicure trends
Photo via @naominailsnyc on Instagram


Ultra Violet

The trendy color of the year is already popping up, and it will be making more of a splash as the year goes on. Not sure what the color looks like in liquid polish form? Ultra Violet by butter LONDON is a great example, and they even have an entire Pantone makeup line so your entire wedding day look can be Ultraviolet.

2018 manicure trends
Photo via @butterLONDON on Instagram

Featured image via @julieknailsnyc on Instagram