It is important to remember that there are no rules to follow when planning your special day. Just because tradition calls for a “flower girl,” doesn’t mean that’s the only way to adorn your aisle before you and your partner walk down it.

In fact, if you start to think outside the box, the possibilities are truly endless.

If you’re looking for inspiration, these five weddings threw the rulebook out the window and put their own spin on the flower attendant role.

A Mom Duo

Amanda Summerlin

Jimmy and Steve’s butterfly-themed wedding included their two moms walking down the aisle together as flower attendants and tossing petals over all the guests. If you don’t plan to have your parents walk you down the aisle, why not include them in this unique way that also symbolizes two families coming together?

Themed Flower Attendants

Dark Greek mythology wedding inspiration that calls to your inner goth two grooms gold Boutonnieres Hades Persis the Fates black tux black capes pomegranate blood orange black wedding cake Underworld
Brooke Voeller

This styled shoot imagined a wedding with a dark and moody Greek mythology theme. Real-life couple Kevin and Trinell represented the Gods Hades and Persis and were accompanied by three flower girls wearing black capes who represented the three fates.

Of course, any themed wedding could involve a reimagined, in-theme flower attendant.

Flower Dogs

Mary Veal Photography

Marisa and Courtney didn’t want their four-legged family members left out of their Florida beach wedding. So, their two dogs acted as the cutest and fluffiest flower attendants.

A Flowerless Flower Girl

Jeff Loftin Photography

You don’t even need someone to spread flowers if that doesn’t feel like the right choice for you. James and Bryan elected their “flower” girl to carry a beautiful lantern down the aisle instead.

Honoring A Cultural Tradition

Red and purple African diaspora wedding
Sara Marie Photography & Kelechi Ohiri Photography

For Jeanelle and Jane’s wedding, which focused on honoring both Ghanaian and African-American culture, they opted to have a sage bearer walk down the aisle instead of a flower attendant.

The “flower” attendant role is a great one to morph into something that honors the culture and traditions your wedding is celebrating.