As a socially conscious shopper, a few things I look for when I’m purchasing gifts of any kind is where the items are being made, by who and how they’re packaged and shipped. When we can, it’s great to make proactive decisions about where to shop for your wedding gifts and favors, whether you’re finding something small to give away at your own wedding or a unique, handmade gift for an event you’re attending. My wife and I opted out of wedding favors for environmental and cost reasons, but we asked our guests to focus more on experience gifts and handmade, local artisans if they were selecting gifts for us.

If you’re looking to support artisans with disabilities, here are a few places you can find wedding favors and gifts that you’ll love:

Coletta Collections

Image via Coletta Collections

Coletta Collections is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization that offers a variety of crafts such as fused glass tableware, jewelry and hand-woven table linen and accessories made by artisans with disabilities. All of the items are handmade in the United States by participants in one of their many programs. Take a look at their wedding collection here or browse their site for nontraditional gifts.

Pottery by Erika Gibson

Image via Erika Gibson

Based out of her home studio in North Carolina, Erika Gibson sells pottery, focusing on small-batch ceramics such as mugs, planters and decor. Gibson is a studio artist with a focus on functional pottery and a background in graphic design. Her pottery is both practical and beautiful, with an emphasis on the minimalist aesthetic and limited color scheme. Shop here.

Oconto Falls Soap

Image via Octono Falls Soap

Inspired by the artisan’s family history in Oconto Falls, Wisconsin, Octono Falls Soap offers handmade soaps made in small batches using therapeutic grade essential oils. Scents available include apple pie, sparkling ginger, mojito and more. The soaps are informed by a disability consciousness meant to make you feel good both body and mind. The artisan, Kate, also says, ” It is also really important to me that my soaps have queer scents, meaning that they are neither ‘male’ nor ‘female,’ but rather embrace and play with the complexity in between.” Shop handmade soaps here

Chain Mettle Jewelry

Image via Chain Mettle Jewelry

The handcrafted Medieval-style jewelry made by Chain Mettle Jewelry is inspired by artisan Angie Osher’s love of metal and shiny things. Angie wants those who wear Chain Mettle jewelry to feel like they’re stepping away from the expected. Shop necklaces, ring, earrings, bracelets and more here.

Imaginarium Arts

Image via Imaginarium Arts

New Jersey-based Ellen of Imaginarium Arts creates a treasure trove of goodies from custom one-of-a-kind art pieces to gorgeous handcrafted jewelry. Ellen is an LGBTQ+ and disabled creator with multiple autoimmune conditions whose work is influenced by pop art, street art and graffiti, psychedelic art, and media such as cartooning, film and theatre. “The brilliant, oversaturated, retro-inspired rainbow aesthetic is my way of expressing my vision for a more positive, united world,” Ellen says. Shop art here.

Fever Dream Boutique

Image via Fever Dream Boutique

Based in Arizona, Fever Dream Boutique creates upcycled vintage, embroidery, enamel pins, patches, totes, scarves, lingerie and more made by a chronically ill creator. Shop here for wedding gifts and favors.