Some LGBTQ+ couples want a wedding filled with rainbows, while others are looking for more subtle ways to show off their LGBTQ+ pride. Whether you’re looking for a little bit of pride or a whole lot of it, here are eight ways to show off your love for the LGBTQ+ community at your wedding: 

A ceremony reading 

Outdoor Brooklyn microwedding styled shoot | Photography by Lucie B Photography | Featured on Equally Wed, the world's leading LGBTQ+ wedding magazine | LGBTQ+ marriers reading vows to each other in ceremony
Lucie B Photography

A reading during your ceremony is the perfect way to honor LGBTQ+ love. This could mean anything from a reading focused on marriage equality to simply a reading about love written by an LGBTQ+ person. 

Support LGBTQ+ vendors 

Wedding inspiration: leather accents, a geometric wedding cake and rich tones | Jamie Carle Photography
Jamie Carle Photography

Hiring LGBTQ+ vendors will benefit everyone involved: the vendors will gain business and you’ll have an easier time planning your wedding with people who are probably already inclusive and respectful of your identity. 

If you can’t find an LGBTQ+ vendor, the next best thing is a vendor who actively affirms and supports LGBTQ+ clients. Equally Wed’s directory of inclusive wedding vendors is a great place to start.

Raise money for an LGBTQ+ organization 

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In lieu of gifts, why not ask your guests to donate to your favorite LGBTQ+ organization? This could be a national organization like the Trevor Project or the the National Center for Transgender Equality. Or, for something more personal to both you and your guests, do some research about the organizations in your community that are working to help LGBTQ+ people. 

If sacrificing gifts is not for you, consider making a donation or committing to volunteer somewhere as a couple. 

Add a pop of rainbow

Beautifully gothic Texas wedding with creative details, photo by Leah Thomason Photography, featured on Equally Wed, the LGBTQ+ wedding magazine rainbow shoes
Leah Thomason Photography

There are many ways to add a little pop of rainbow to your wedding attire or decor, from cufflinks to bow ties to cake to the soles of your shoes.

Kody and Jared, for example, wore matching rainbow socks and had a rainbow cross on the program for their church ceremony. John and Scott included a rainbow backdrop in their photo session. In Katie and Jess’s styled photo session, they threw rainbow confetti. The possibilities are truly endless. 

Gender neutral bathrooms 

Charming Michigan Wedding With Pronoun Pins and a Food Truck | Liv-Lyszyk Photography | Featured on Equally Wed, the leading LGBTQ+ wedding magazine
Liv Lyszyk Photography

Gender-neutral bathrooms are a great way to be inclusive to all of your guests. If these are an essential part of your wedding, make sure you discuss it with your venue before signing a contract. Gabby and Moe (pictured above), chose to utilize both pronoun pins and gender-neutral bathrooms at their celebration. They also included an inclusivity statement on their invitations. 

Pronoun pins 

Charming Michigan Wedding With Pronoun Pins and a Food Truck | Liv Lyszyk Photography | Featured on Equally Wed, the leading LGBTQ+ wedding magazine
Liv Lyszyk Photography

These are another great way to show respect for all guests and identities. Gabby and Moe chose to take the opportunity to also educate their guests on what pronouns are and why these pins are important. 

Only play songs by LGBTQ+ music artists 

Torie and Alyssa's intimate bohemian rustic wedding in Cape May, New Jersey, was topped off with an all-night dance party with 300 of their closest family and friends.
Saltwater Studios

You will never run out of dance party jams played by LGBTQ+ music artists. Honoring their work is a fantastic way to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community during your party. Spotify is a great place to find LGBTQ+ party playlists, like this playlist in honor of Global Pride 2021. A simple Google search should also do the trick.

Structure your ceremony to respect LGBTQ+ identities 

An intimate, nonbinary pandemic wedding at sea | Sister City Photography | Featured on Equally Wed, the leading LGBTQ+ wedding magazine
Sister City Photography

When Rebecca and Maya got married, they wanted to ensure their ceremony honored Maya’s bigender identity. Together with their justice of the peace, they crafted a ceremony in which, for example, the couple was only referred to by their first names, rather than something like “the brides.” 

Remember that this ceremony is yours and should feel exactly how you want it to feel. Make sure to find an officiant who is willing to work with you to craft a ceremony that honors your love and who you are.