Considering the benefits of a beach wedding?

As if golden sand, bright sunshine and a view of the ocean wasn’t enough for your to consider having a wedding by the beach, we’ve rounded up the top six benefits to having a beach wedding!  And if you’re the one desperately trying to sell your partner on why you should get married ocean-side, then let’s just say it wouldn’t be a bad idea to pass share these perks with them. 


Warm weather

The only goose bumps you should experience on your wedding day are the ones your spouse gives you. Avoiding shivering in your short sleeve attire or strapless dress by opting to wed in a warm climate with the sun shining down. 

Beach wedding in Spain


Discounts during off-season

Since many couples get married on the beach strictly for the warm weather and bright sunshine, resorts, country clubs and other beachfront properties typically have more openings to fill as the seasons change and summer comes to an end. Beaches are not as populated in the winter and colder months meaning venues will sometimes lower their prices in the off-season to increase demand. If you don’t mind a possible chill in the air or a breezy day, schedule your beach wedding for a less popular time of year. The best part about this is, you avoid a sweltering hot, sun-burn-filled wedding day. 

Private Hawaii beach wedding


No shoes

Avoid jamming your feet into tight dress shoes or standing all day in a pair of high heels. A beach wedding is the perfect time to kick off your shoes and exchange them for a pair of sandals or better yet, no shoes at all! Dig your toes into the sand, kick back and relax.

Make note, if you’ve crossed a beach wedding off your list because you hate the thought of sand everywhere, consider getting married on a grassy area near the ocean instead of on a sandy beach (such as outside a country club on the water). You get the beach wedding and no one gets sand on them (plus you still don’t have to wear shoes because it’s your wedding and you make the rules)!

Tide the Knot Beach Weddings


Photo opportunities

Ever heard of the golden hour? A photographer’s dream, the golden hour is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset when the sun is not overhead and the light is low. This lighting produces the best photographs and when paired with beach scenery and an ocean, it will absolutely take your breath away. 

Hawaii honeymoon


Destination wedding

If you love the beach but don’t live near one, a beach wedding is the perfect excuse to have a destination wedding. Head somewhere sunny, warm and ocean-side to celebrate your big day at one of your favorite places.

Jeff and Jeremiah’s surprise proposal on the beach


Decorative possibilities

Beach weddings add an additional dimension of decorative opportunity. Sand creates a wide variety of options such as sand sculptures in place of ice sculptures. The bright colors of a beach and the waves create a great color scheme to incorporate bright florals and bold prints. 

Two Brides Sunset Beach Destination Wedding | Mexico
Sunset beach destination wedding