May 16 is National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day, a time for honoring the challenges, struggles and triumphs of the older members of the LGBT community. Activists such as Edith Windsor, who inspired the landmark Supreme Court case that brought down DOMA, Harvey Bernard Milk, the first openly gay elected official in the history of California and countless others have pioneered the way for LGBTQ youth.

“Whether they fought quietly or stepped into the spotlight, LGBT elders have made a difference for all LGBT people,” said Nate Sweeney, executive director of The LGBT Health Resource Center of Chase Brexton Health Care. “We’re proud to offer a chance for LGBT communities across the country to thank these individuals for what they’ve given us.”

Annabeth and Elaine celebrated 26 years together with a wedding at their Episcopal church in Atlanta, Georgia.  | Photo by Amanda Summerlin


David and Michael tied the knot during a Jewish wedding ceremony held in a New York City synagogue that the two founded. | Photo by 5th Avenue Digital


Democratic Rep. Barney Frank, 72, exchanged vows with his longtime partner, James Ready, 42, and in doing so made history by becoming the first sitting congressman to enter a same-sex marriage. | Photo via NY Times


Ted and Don, both in their 70s, tied the knot after 50 years together during a quiet ceremony outside the courthouse in Bradenton, Florida. | Photo by Tara Tomlinson Photography


Marty and Charlene, together since 1989, got engaged in a closet after Governor Mark Dayton signed the marriage equality bill into law on May 14, 2013 and tied the knot three short months later. | Photo by Al and Alma’s Cruises on Lake Minnetonka


Baltimore botanical garden weddingDori and Ellen were together over 20 years before they woke up one day and decided it was time to be married. They tied the knot with a Baltimore Botanic Garden wedding. | Photo by Ashton Kelley Photography


New Yorkers Nancy and Holly tied the knot in a charming Cape Cod town where they have shared summer memories for the past 33 years. | Photo by Ralph Alswang Photograpy