Are you planning to pop the bubbly on your wedding day and keep it flowing? Display your libation of choice with a champagne tower. A champagne tower is not only a functional way to serve drinks, but also doubles as a decorative piece.

In place of traditional champagne flutes, champagne towers are built using old-fashioned champagne coupes. These glasses were used up through the Prohibition Era and then replaced with the common champagne flutes of present day which allow the bubbles to be seen more easily.

By stacking your coupes in a pyramid formation, the rounded bowls of the glasses catch champagne as it overflows downward from the glass that is being filled at the peak of the tower.

Depending on the size of your tower you can use enough glasses to serve all of your guests throughout the reception, or make a smaller display for cocktail hour. Watch the video below to see a champagne tower in action (they really can be done without spilling).


Will you be serving a champagne tower at your wedding? If you don’t think a champagne tower is for you, try one (or more) of these delicious champagne cocktails.

H/T: Katelyn Green,