When getting married, wedding photographers can become part of the family. Morgan Miller Photography photographed Michael and Dan’s wedding, and then their journey to becoming parents to their son Sebastian. When Sebastian turned two it only made sense to have Morgan Miller photograph his birthday party.

The birthday party featured a Sesame Street theme and tons of fun activities for children including a bounce house with a slide. All of the decor and food was colorful, from red, yellow and green macaroons to vases of yellow flowers decorated with refrigerator letter magnets.  Sebastian’s name was written on a Sesame Street sign on a Cookie Monster cake. In addition to cake and cookies, guests ate a delicious catered meal including fresh baked bread and a fruit spread. 

While Sebastian did receive gifts from his parents, the gifts that were brought by the guests were donated to charity. For party favors, guests received custom decorated containers of Play Doh and bubbles. 


From the photographer, Morgan Miller Photography:  I shot Sebastian’s dads’ wedding a couple years ago and have been given the privilege to continue their story, now as a family of three. This year Sebastian had a colorful and fun birthday party at their new home. There were cameos of Elmo, and Big Bird, and a cake that resembled Cookie Monster made by Raspberry Rose. A blow up “bounce house” was on hand for his guests to play in, and Play-Doh and bubbles were given as thank yous.

There was also a caricature artist [Eileen McCoy] on hand for those who wanted a cartoon version of themselves to be drawn. And you know it’s going to be a good party when the Dean & DeLuca van is parked out front as you arrive. Sebastian received some special gifts from his family, but he asked his guests to bring a gift for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. I love that his parents are instilling “giving” at such an early age.